Optimize your videos with this image stabilizer


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Mercalli is a great application that can stabilize a video independently of the camera axes. It customizes the stabilization of your videos for any video format, allowing you to control the image movement with great precision.

Its 3D video stabilization includes features that correct wobbly blurry parts with poor image quality. The program introduces a rolling-shutter correction, compensating for the camera's balance and movements and eliminating any wobble from your video.

Mercalli is a software that can be used by anyone who needs to improve the results of their recordings and get a professional finish without having any specific knowledge. The program takes care of it all automatically.

A great feature in this application detects scene changes, stabilizing each one independently. This way you don't need to mark key frames or control points.

Apart from that, Mercalli has unlimited multicore CPU support, which lets you render videos at high speed and avoid long wait times.
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